The Help Line is here to Help People Cope.


I'm Mo. Lets get this started. This website is to answer any questions of any sort, for troubled or suicidal teens. This is a 24/7 website. So questions will be answered as soon as possible. I made this website because i want to help other kids like me. I went through a very rough patch in my life and still struggle with it at times. I have been hospitalized for many suicide attempts before. Though that time in my life is over my scars remind me it existed. Now i am giving my time back to kids in need of help with there problems. Every comment or question will be answered as soon as i get to them. If it is of any concern my story will not be published on the site. This is in fact as it could be triggering for some teens. If you with for it for some reason. I will private message it. Though this is not about it. This website is to help people with there problems. I must strongly remind you i am NOT a therapist. This is strictly a Q&A website. I can only help to an extent. Up to that extent i will try and help with any questions. I may be reached at for all your questions or comments. Thank you for your time while you were reading this. I hope i can be of any help to people through this site.


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